Villa Richter, is located in the most picturesque part of Rathen.  A Luxury accommodation situated on a sunny and quiet slope in the midst of a luscious landscape.  Enjoy the gorgeous view over de river Elbe.  With the castle Altrathen at eye level, the village below as well as the surrounding sandstone rock formations, meadows and forests in the distance.  An authentic Villa experience in romantic Saxon Switzerland.

The adjacent rhododendronpark makes the location of Villa Richter extra special.

View of Raaber Kessel and the forest around Rathen seen from the balcony apartment "Stolpen-Ost".

View of the river Elbe, the grandiose rock formations and spa Rathen, seen from the balcony on the valley side of apartment "Stolpen-West".

View of the river Elbe and the slope of the "kleinen Bastei", seen from the balcony of apartment "Stolpen-West".

Enjoy the sunset on a lounger on the terrace of Villa Richter.

Die Rathener Felsenwelt

View of the rocks of the "Raaber Kessel"with Villa Richter in the distance.

Panoramic view of Villa Richter

The ultimate exclusive view of Raaber Kessel, Castle Neurathen and the river Elbe, seen from the balcony apartment "Stolpen-West".

In the summer there are many events & festivities, often at historical places.

Basteibridge and (former) castle Neurathen

View of the Bastei bridge from the Ferdinandturm. ©Annet Neijmeijer

Welcome to Villa Richter, Deluxe holiday apartments

The completely renovated and monumental villa is situated on a sunny mountain slope in the picturesque spa town of Rathen. It offers an exceptional views of the Elbe, sandstone rock formations and the surrounding nature of the Saxon Switzerland National park. You will stay in a comfortable and spacious apartment, individually and stylishly decorated. Enjoy the stunning views from your private balcony or conservatory and from our terrace.

To get an even better impression of what Villa Richter has to offer, you can click on the VR logo next to it. The holiday apartments and the surroundings will then be presented to you in 3D.

Villa Richter in 3D ontdekken

Hello Sylvia,

Your apartment looks fabulous. We would be very interested in renting it for the dates above.

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