Villa Richter

By Car
Getting there by Car

Spa Rathen consists of two parts, Ober- and NiederRathen, located on both sides of the river Elbe. They are connected by a ferry which only carries passengers and bicycles. Cars have to make a half hour detour to get on the other side of the Elbe.

To get to Villa Richter you have to start from NiederRathen. Most sat navs however, will direct you to the wrong side of the Elbe or you will end up on a cycle path.  To avoid this the best thing to do is to enter the neighbouring village of Walterdorf as your destination or the full Villa Richter address.

In Waltersdorf you should take the Rathener Straße (designated as a cul-de-sac). After 900 meter you will get to a public pay car park at the edge of a forest. As a guest of Villa Richter's you can drive through and ignore the no entry sign. Down in the village, near the city hall and the fire brigade station there is a car park for visitors. (cars are not allowed in the village). When booking an apartment you can ask for a parking permit. With your payment confirmation you will receive the personalized tourist cards and the parking permit linked to your license plate. Please place the car park ticket inside the front windshield.

By Train

Change in Dresden to the local S-bahn which takes you to Kurort Rathen in less than 30 minutes. (Train every 30 minutes).

By Plane
Fokker F.XVIII "Pelikaan" PH-AIP

Dresden Airport is only 44 km from Kurort Rathen. Every 40 minutes a train leaves the airport for Rathen. Change trains in Dresden and take the S-Bahn in the direction of Schöna.

In Rathen
Villa Richter on the hill (Niederrathen).

Villa Richter is prominently located on a hill in NiederRathen (right bank of the Elbe). The name is clearly visible from the main street.

Coming from the car park (near city hall and fire brigade station) follow the main street ("Zum Grünbach") in the direction of the Elbe. After 180 meter approx. you will see a climbing road on the the left ("zur kleinen Bastei") which will take you to Hotel Panorama.

Coming from the ferry follow the main street (“Am Grünbach” changing into “Zum Grünbach”). After 360 meter approx. take the climbing road on the right.

This road is wide enough for passenger cars. At Hotel Panorama the road changes into a footpath.  This path will take you right up to Villa Richter.

To load or unload your car you are allowed to drive up as far as Hotel Panorama. After this you must park your car near the city hall. You are not permitted to drive up to Villa Richter using the footpath!