When the weather is nice, you would rather not spending your time in the kitchen. That is why it is very tempting to barbecue together on these days. This is possible, with the LotusGrill, on the balcony or terrace of the Villa Richter. Simply place this compact charcoal barbecue on the table, and you can grill together comfortably.

The charcoal will be ignited by means of fuel paste. A built-in fan ensures that the charcoal ignites quickly and also regulates the temperature. Thanks to the double-walled dishes, the outer shell does not get hot and can be handled without any problems..

You can reserve the grill (complete with instructions for use, fuel paste, charcoal and cleaning products) in connection with your holiday apartment for the duration of your stay.

The almost smoke fee BBQ

Unfortunately, we do not have a barbecue area where you can grill safely and without disturbing others. For this reason, it is unfortunately not allowed to use a grill that you have brought along on the Villa Richter estate.