• Villa Richter has a free* WiFi network (10Mbps) which can be accessed from anywhere inside the Villa.
    The provider offers a data volume of 25 Gb LTE per month. Once the volume limit has been reached, the maximum surfing speed is limited to 384 Kbps.
  • In your apartment you can also use the fast mobile LTE network of Vodafone.
  • The DECT handset receives emails addressed to the apartment's official email address (see Telefon for the email addresses, login required).
  • RSS feeds, e.g. the latest public transport info and tips for tourists, can also be read on your DECT handset.


Telegraph receiver Siemens Brothers General Post Office

* Fair Usage Policy.

This is sufficient for all normal activities, e.g. web browsing and emailing (using port 80), but may be exceeded if there is a significant amount of activities such as video streaming. If more download capacity is required then it may be possible to purchase additional GBs.

WLAN network key

Email Addresses