Oldtimer meeting, every year on 1 August weekend with about 200 participants from Germany and abroad in the village Stolpen

To load or unload your car you are allowed to drive up as far as Hotel Panorama. When there is no suitable parking lot available at the time you arrive, please contact a staff member of Hotel Panorama. They will assist you in finding a solution.

To facilitate the transport of your luggage you can use our handcart. It’s a 130-meter walk to Villa Richter with an  elevation difference of about 16 meters.

After this you can park your car near the city hall (in German „Haus des Gastes“, approx 220 m away).

You are not permitted to drive up to Villa Richter using the footpath!

As reward you can enjoy the unspoiled, gorgeous view from your balcony or terrace.