Village Kurort Rathen

Kurort Rathen Sächsische Schweiz mit der weltbekannten Bastei Ruhe! Erholung! Kahn- und Gondelfahrt auf idyllisch gelegenen Amsellsee freilich Aufführungen auf der einzigartigen Felsenbühne.

Spa town Rathen lies approximately 20 kilometres east of Dresden.
This authentic village occupies both banks of the river Elbe.
On the left bank of the Elbe (facing downstream) lies Oberrathen.
Here are the railway station and a car park for visitors.

Pedestrians and cyclists can cross the river by cable ferry to Niederrathen.

This part of picturesque Rathen is a limited traffic zone and is completely surrounded by Saxon Switzerland National Park.
Villa Richter is situated in one of Rathen’s most attractive spots.
From its majestic position high on a hill  it offers stunning views of nearby rock formations and the river Elbe.

Kurort Rathen, Sächsische Schweiz present days