Immediate Surroundings

Experience world Sächsische Schweiz

The bizarrely-shaped cliffs and majestic table mountains of  the Elbe Sandstone Mountains give this landscape its particular charm.
In the heart of the region lies a highly protected natural area of 710 m2 altogether. Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany and Bohemian Switzerland in the Czeck Republic.
The river Elbe meanders between these two national parks.
This whole area is designated to become a Unesco World Heritage site.

For culture, architecture and castle enthusiasts this area is a must.
The region’s opulent Renaissance and Baroque past can still be experienced through its vast collection of art objects and a host of interesting buildings from that period.

The river Elbe flows through Saxony from the south to the north. From Saxon Switzerland National Park it flows past places like Pirna, Dresden en Meissen.
Grapes for Saxony’s wines ripen on the vineyard terraces along the river. There are many hiking and cycle trails to choose from.

The local cuisine offers excellent food and wines.
The region has a great variety of local dishes.  Traditional handcraftsmanship is still used in the mountain villages.
Admire these old skills in some of the typical market towns, that still breathe the atmosphere of classic Germany.