Canaletto-Blick Rathen, exclusively for the guests of Villa Richter.

At Villa Richter you can exclusevely enjoy the unique view. A panoramic perception from your balcony and the spacious sized terrace (110 m2). With the scenery river Elbe that disappears in the distance, the Castle “AltRathen”, the village of Rathen itself, “Amselgrund” and the surrounding forests.

You are located on the same level as the castle and therefore at an appropriate distance from the enjoyable bustle in low-traffic Rathen.

The terrace is particularly attractive if you are staying in Villa Richter with a larger group. Our comfortable garden chairs provide ten seats per table. If you do not wish to disturb each other, simply place the tables meters apart. The terrace is big enough for it.

Due to its favorable location, you will be the last to see the sun set in Rathen. After sunset, the terrace and facade lighting providing a moody atmosphere.

Sunbathers will appreciate the four sunbeds. Placed against each other and you can enjoy the summer, tranquil pur sang.