Villa Richter

Villa Richter seen from the slope.

Beautiful view of Rathen and the rock formations of the Sächsische Schweiz.

Villa Richter, located on the hillside of spa Rathen.

Surrounded by the nature reserve “Sächsische Schweiz”.

During the season, the garden offers a lot of color

Charming view from the terrace. The best possible place to enjoy your holiday in Rathen.

Kurort Rathen is, with its approximately 352 inhabitants, one of the smallest independent German towns.

Surrounded by nature and tranquility you can enjoy the chirping of the birds on your balcony.

The staircase, restored in its original style, provides access to your apartment.


Villa Richter  was built in 1888 in the then fashionable Swiss Villa-style. It is part of a protected village view (Ensemble “zur kleinen Bastei”) and, perched on a rock, it offers great views of its surroundings.
The spacious garden (6.500 m2) covers almost the entire slope of the rock.
Due to its unique location Villa Richter is entirely car-free and can only be reached on foot for the last 140 meters. This special location also offers you the best possible sun guarantee. On the terrace or your own balcony you can enjoy the balmy summer evenings longer than anyone else in Rathen.

Villa Richter lies in the heart of Saxon Switzerland, an area also known as the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Well-known places like the Bastei cliffs and Königstein Fortress are in its immediate vicinity. The area offers a wide range of outdoor and cultural activities. Afterwards you can recover and relax in one of the many nearby health resorts and spas.

Its delicious local wines come from the most northern vineyards. There is a wide selection of restaurants to cater for your culinary needs. The outstanding natural beauty of the area, combined with a multitude of things to do in the immediate environment  make this place a real insiders’ choice!