Rental rates

Book through our website and save yourself the portal surcharges!

Rental rates depend on size, facilities and demand.
This means rates vary between apartments and from day to day, depending upon demand. Apartments can be rented for as long as you wish. There is no time limit. When you rent with us, you always pay the same basic rate for administrative costs and cleaning services. Therefore the longer you stay the better the price.

After filling in the minimally required information fields you are presented with an overview of all costs and your reservation request.

Total costs include:
Image of a German 500 DM banknote.
  • gas,
  • electricity,
  • water,
  • and heating*.
and including:
  • bedclothes,
  • towels,
  • tea-cloth and
  • kitchen towel.
and the use of:
  • internet,
  • telephone (calls to landlines in Germany),
  • parking place (bookable),
  • LotusGrill (bookable),
  • high chair (bookable)
  • playpen (bookable),
  • bed rails (bookable),
  • washing machine (bookable)
  • tumble dryer (soon),
  • shared freezer.

Our guests will receive, after receipt of the invoice amount, a „Registration form of hostels and lodgings“. This includes a parking permit together with Guest card (in German : Gästekarte). With this special card you are able to take advantage of many concessions, for instance for the use of the ferry (for free), on entry fees for performances in the "House of the Guest", or the natural theatre "Felsenbühne Rathen" as well as for rowing tours on the Amselsee.

The Visitor’s taks in high season €2,50 /night/adult.
The parking fees fort he cummunit parking places are €4,00 /day.

The minimum stay in the apartment is depending on the season. If you request a shorter booking period you won’t be able to proceed your booking request. Please send, in that case, your "booking wish" per e-mail and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

*   Subject to reasonable usage.